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Top Florida Beaches Where You Can Buy a Timeshare

There are plenty of vacation destinations you can buy a timeshare at. Though, the best destinations are always those that are right on the beach, or at least in close proximity to a beach. That’s why, this summer, rather than staying at home and only going out to local places, you should have a lovely beach vacation in Florida. As you already know, the sunshine state has a never endless number of beaches, and each one is more beautiful than the other. If you love relaxing under the sun with the sand in between your toes, then take a look at these amazing, most popular beaches in Florida:

Daytona Beach

This lovely beach is a family-friendly place to be. You can park your car in the designated areas on the shore and then enjoy the rest of the day building sandcastles. Although, Daytona Beach is the world’s most famous beach, it isn’t too crowded. In fact, it is nowhere near the amount of people that Miami’s South Beach usually has. This makes it a perfect place for a serene beach outing. Plus, there are many resorts where you can buy a timeshare, such as Hyatt Place at Daytona Beach and Wyndham Ocean Walk.

Ormond Beach

Just fifteen minutes driving distance from Daytona Beach is Ormond Beach. This beach has the perfect family atmosphere, and this is probably owed to the kids’ water fountain in the designated barbeque area of the beach’s Andy Romano Beachfront Park. So bring some hotdogs, chicken legs, and corn on the cob and enjoy a wonderful day on the beach while your kids play.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Miami beaches can be too busy for a fun beach day. However, Fort Lauderdale beach is not. The city of Fort Lauderdale is just 20 minutes away from Miami, but the short distance makes a big difference. The beach atmosphere is very much peaceful. You will even find turtle nests throughout various seasons of the year. And where there are turtle nests, there is comfort. Near this beach is Las Olas Boulevard, where you can take a stroll by the many shops and restaurants. Here, you can buy a timeshare at Harbor Beach Marriott, Wyndham Santa Barbara, and Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers.

Hollywood Beach

Similar to Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hollywood Beach is just as calm. In fact, it is also close by to Fort Lauderdale. Right along the beach are small cafes and restaurants that serve a number of different cuisines, like Mediterranean, seafood, Thai, Italian, American, Caribbean, and seafood cuisines. Additionally, there is a gorgeous boardwalk where you can ride your bike. Kids can also play in the park and the interactive water fountain. There is even an outdoors Hollywood Beach Theatre where many live shows and concerts take place free for the public. Here you can find a timeshare for sale at Hollywood Beach Marriott and Hollywood Beach Tower.

Clearwater Beach

This place is exactly like its name. The sand is practically sugar-white, and the water is crystal clear. Best of all, it is sunny almost all year long, with maybe four days of rain during the year. There are always full-time life guard around making sure everyone doesn’t swim too far or has trouble swimming.

Cocoa Beach

This beach is certainly not the last good beach in Florida, but if we had to count them all, we would never stop. Cocoa beach is ideal because it’s close to Orlando. Just an hour of driving and you’d make it near Disney World. This beach is Florida’s top surf spot, making it perfect for teens, surf-enthusiasts, and the young at heart. Here, you can buy a timeshare at Four Points by Sheraton, Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, and La Quinta Inn & Suites Cocoa Beach Oceanfront.


Florida is bursting with many amazing beaches, most of which are near great resorts where you can buy a timeshare. This calls for the best summer vacation, whether you’re with kids, friends, or just your partner.

Florida Keys timeshares

Why Florida Keys Timeshares are the Best

There are five main tropical islands that make up the Florida Keys (Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Big Pine Key, and Key West), and each one is more beautiful than the next. Because they’re the southernmost cities in Florida, you’ll find many activities revolving around open adventures and gorgeous beaches. From snorkeling to visiting art galleries and famous people’s houses, you’ll fall in love with the Keys and want to come back time and time again. Plus, due to the many wonderful attractions that are all over the islands, Florida Keys timeshares are a hit. No matter what timeshare resort you choose, you’ll always be right next to all the lovely things that make the Florida Keys so heavenly.

Attractions by Island

Key Largo:

  • John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park This is the very first undersea park in America where you’ll find Christ of the Abyss, a statue of Christ looking upward with arms wide open 25 feet under the sea. While you’re here, you can enjoy the view of the reef either from a glass-bottom boat tour or scuba diving or snorkeling. You can also picnic, fish, and go kayaking and canoeing.
  • Dagny Johnson Key Largo Hammock Botanical State Park This park has the largest amount of West Indian tropical hardwood hammocks in America. At the same time, there are 84 species of plants and animals here that the park looks after. When you come here, you can go bicycling, picnicking, and bird and wildlife watching.


  • Theater of the Sea At this great park, you can swim with dolphins, sea lions, and sharks and enjoy many shows with the mentioned animals as well as parrots and sea turtles. In addition, you can even go on a snorkeling cruise. Best of all, this park’s mission is to protect animals and the environment, so much so that many of the park’s current animals were once injured in the wild before being rescued and rehabilitated.


  • Dolphin Research Center At this amazing research center, you’ll find that there is so much to do and a lot of cute, intelligent animals to observe and interact with. You can get close and personal to the research center’s family of dolphins by both watching the fun dolphin shows and feeding and playing with the dolphins and even getting a dorsal tow by a dolphin. Furthermore, you can meet the research center’s adorable four California sea lions.
  • The Turtle Hospital This is another brilliant place to be at in Marathon. The turtle hospital constantly educates guests on what goes on behind the scenes in the turtle hospital facilities and rehabilitation areas. Here, injured turtles are brought in, given surgeries and care, rehabilitated, and released back to their habitats. If you’re there on special days, you might even witness the release of a turtle back into the ocean.

Big Pine Key:

  • National Key Deer Refuge This National Wildlife Refuge is exactly what it sounds like. Here, you’ll be greeted by many deer. You’ll also find rabbits and silver rice rats around (fear not, they’re adorable).
  • Bahia Honda State Park This park has an award winning, white sandy beach. The park also gives you the chance of snorkeling and kayaking.

Key West:

  • Mallory Square At this busy square, you’ll find many interesting places to visit, such as the house of Harry S. Truman, America’s 33rd You can also go to Key West Shipwreck Treasure Museum, indulge in the sunset celebration, and delight in the many sunset celebration performers, like Will Soto’s juggling and high wire acts, Dale’s sword swallowing act, live music, and so much more.
  • Ernest Hemingway House Just imagine having a vacation home in one of the Florida Keys timeshares right next to Hemingway’s famous house. While you’re here, you can take a tour of the house, the garden, and also meet some of the descendants of Hemingway’s cat Snow White.


Timeshare Resorts in the Area

There are many Florida Keys Timeshares that you can choose from. There’s Hyatt Windward Pointe in Key West, the Banyan Resort in Key West, Coconut Beach Resort in Key West, Florida Bay Club in Key Largo, Hawks Nest in Marathon, and more.


There is nothing better than spending your vacation in one of the many stunning Florida Keys timeshares and exploring the gorgeous, exciting attractions all around. So what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to the amazing Florida Keys!

Timeshare Resale

Is Timeshare Resale Better Than a Regular Timeshare?

Timeshares can be costly, but they don’t always have to be. In this blog, we are going to make a distinction between regular, pricy timeshares and timeshare resale, which is affordable and more worthwhile. Plus, resale timeshares beat hotel vacations.

How timeshare works

Let’s start out by describing what timeshares really are. Unlike regular vacations where you have to constantly plan your stay, timeshare allows you to always have a vacation destination to go to. You make a one-time purchase of the vacation resort of your choice, and you would basically have a home away from home for approximately one week each year. You would still have to pay an annual fee, but it is affordable, and it’ll go toward maintaining the resort of your timeshare. In other words, you’d be paying to keep your timeshare property and resort clean and running. Nevertheless, having a timeshare in a certain vacation resort and destination doesn’t mean that you’ll have to go to this exact place year after year for the same week. Timeshare is very flexible; you can always exchange your timeshare with another and travel to destinations you have yet to see. Additionally, you can change the time of your vacation. This allows you to move your vacation from, say, the first week of July to the last week of the year. You can vacation in Honolulu where you have a timeshare or go to a different resort in Italy, France, Greece, Thailand, and so much more. With thousands of resorts to choose from both in the U.S. and worldwide, you’ll always have a vacation and never be struck with boredom. Though, you can have all this with resale timeshare, which is cheaper still.

What is resale timeshare?

Now that the concept of timeshare is clear, let’s discuss resale timeshare. Timeshare resale is the sale of a timeshare which used to be owned. How it works is that a previous timeshare owner decides he wants to sell his timeshare, and so it becomes listed for sale again. This is where you probably start wondering why anyone would purchase a previously owned timeshare. Well, when you buy resale timeshare, you’re not buying an old, rundown property. Instead, you are buying a nicely furnished, well-maintained resort property. Not only that, but you’d be buying it at a discounted price, since resale timeshare is always cheaper than regular timeshare.

Hold up! Why should I buy a timeshare an owner no longer wants?

You have to remember that those selling their timeshares are people who purchased the vacation home at full price, and when you purchase a timeshare straight from the developer, 50% of what you pay goes to the developer’s marketing costs. Think about that for a moment. This means that vacation homes sold at “full” price aren’t even worth 50% of what buyers are paying for them. Now, think about those owners who are selling their timeshares. They had to pay the full price the developers claimed the vacation home was worth. Then, once the timeshare was theirs, they had to pay annual maintenance fees. This is why they are not happy with their timeshares and no longer want them. They’ve spent a lot of money, enough to probably put them in debt, and they still pay. Thus, they find themselves with no other choice than to sell the vacation home in order to earn back a small portion of what they paid. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it often is. Sometimes, timeshare owners want to sell their property simply to purchase one in a different destination.

How to buy resale timeshare

If you want to buy timeshare resale, you can connect directly with an owner here on Timeshare FSBO. You don’t have to pay any fees, which means that you can browse through the list of resorts and timeshare properties and email owners. You don’t pay FSBO anything, not even for the final purchase.


Timeshare resale is the smartest way to purchase a timeshare without throwing all your money away, and with FSBO, you can connect directly with timeshare owners.


selling timeshares FSBO

Our Top 5 Blogs on Selling Timeshares FSBO

If you’ve been trying to sell your timeshare, then these 5 blogs on selling timeshares FSBO might help you out. Not only do they explain how selling timeshares FSBO work, but they also explain why lots of buyers prefer buying directly from owner, especially when the timeshare is at a resale price. So if you want to give your timeshare away to a deserving buyer, selling timeshares FSBO might be the best way to do so.

Sell a Timeshare with For Sale By Owner-FSBO (

Do you currently own a timeshare and feel tied down to it? Perhaps you just want to buy a new timeshare elsewhere and enjoy a different scenery. Or perhaps you would like to save some money. No matter the case, you don’t have to keep the timeshare and continue spending money on maintenance fees. In fact, you can sell a timeshare here at For Sale by Owner (FSBO) without paying any broker or realtor fees. To learn more about how FSBO works, continue reading!

Why It’s Best for You to Sell a Timeshare with FSBO (

Are you looking for the best way to sell your timeshare? Well here it is! With For Sale By Owner (FSBO), you can sell your own timeshare without hiring a broker and paying him or her any fees and percentage for the sale. In fact, with FSBO, you can sell a timeshare with ease. For a small fee, you’ll have a whole year’s membership, which allows you to put up your timeshare property for sale and advertise it to buyers. Here’s more on how FSBO works.

Why Timeshare Resale is Better than Regular Timeshare (

Timeshares can be costly, but they don’t always have to be. In this blog, we are going to make a distinction between regular, pricy timeshares and timeshare resale, which is affordable and more worthwhile. Plus, resale timeshares beat hotel vacations.

Why FSBO is Perfect for Timeshare Resales Owners (

If you have a timeshare that you are trying to sell, then you might want to read this blog. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) might just be the best thing for you. Rather than paying a broker to sell your timeshare resales properties, FSBO lets you interact directly with buyers without paying any commission for the final sale. Yes, you read that correctly. The amount you make selling your property is the amount you get to keep.

Why Sell a Timeshare with Timeshare FSBO? (

Are you tired of hiring and paying timeshare brokers to sell your timeshare without anything coming out of it? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to waste your time and money any more. With Timeshare For Sale By Owner (Timeshare FSBO), you can finally sell a timeshare on your own, keeping the final sale all for yourself. How does FSBO work? Let’s find out!


What better way to profit from your for sale timeshare than by selling timeshares FSBO? Hopefully the above blogs will help you sell your timeshare.

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Why Palm Springs Timeshares Are the Best

California is well-known for its lovely sunny weather and beaches, and Palm Springs, a desert city in California, might just be the best spot to be at. With the Little San Bernardino Mountains to the north, the Santa Rosa Mountains to the south, and the San Jacinto Mountains to the west, Palm Springs is constantly provided with the gift of great weather. This is why the average temperature year round is 74.65°F, with the highest temperature being 89°F and the lowest temperature being 60.3°F. Plus, with the many wonderful attractions in Palm Springs, visitors always have something to keep them busy and entertained. As a result, many Palm Springs timeshares become the perfect vacation homes around. Here are other reasons why this desert city’s timeshares deserve five stars:

Accommodations Palm Springs timeshares offer similar accommodations as other timeshares in different locations around the U.S. Almost anywhere you go, you will have a suite or a villa with a fully-equipped kitchen, spacious living and dining rooms, cable TV, and possibly even a washer and dryer. However, what makes the accommodations of the timeshares in Palm Springs special is the fact that most suites and villas in the area have stunning views of the majestic mountains surrounding Palm Springs. For instance, Palm Canyon Resort in Palm Springs is surrounded by tropical landscaping. At the Welk Resort in Palm Springs, the one-bedroom villas come with a private patio or balcony and a gorgeous view of the vast nearby championship golf course with the mountains in the backdrop. Nearly any timeshare you choose will have a striking setting that will set you in a serene mood and allow you to truly feel the vacation ambiance.

Resort Features Timeshare resorts in Palm Springs have features no less than the best. After all, who would go to Palm Springs without swimming, relaxing in whirlpool tubs, playing a game of tennis or golf, enjoying a day at the spa, going out for a picnic, barbequing, or even taking a stroll under the stars? At many timeshare resorts in Palm Springs, you’ll find these amenities and so much more. For example, at Marquis Villas Resort in Palm Springs, you can do all of that plus go bicycling and horseback riding. At the Adriatic Villa in Palm Springs, you can also delight in some steam room relaxation. Thus, there are many delightful timeshare resorts in this location that will offer you great activities during your stay in Palm Springs. It just can’t get any better than that!

Nearby Popular Attractions Another reason why Palm Springs timeshares are so great is the fact that there are plenty of nearby attractions no matter where you go. So whether you choose to stay at Palm Canyon Resort, Marquis Villas Resort, or any of the other mentioned and not mentioned resorts here, you’ll still be at a close distance to the most popular Palm Springs attractions. Some of the nearby activities include hiking, enjoying films at the Palm Springs International Film Festival, and going to the Air Museum. Here’s a list of some of the other prominent activities and attractions:

  • Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
  • San Jacinto Mountain (great hiking and magnificent views)
  • Indian Canyons
  • Palm Springs Art Museum
  • Coachella Valley Preserve
  • Horseback Riding Tours
  • Village Fest

Throughout most of these attractions, you can go hiking among the dazzling Palm Springs tropical landscapes. Additionally, there are numerous dining and shopping venues around this desert city, and if you are up for it, you can even go to some of the casinos and see how lucky you are.

It doesn’t take a lot to see why Palm Springs is great and why Palm Springs timeshares are one of the best in the nation. From the fantastic accommodations, which let you feel all the comfort in the world, to the resorts’ features and the ideal locations near all the popular attractions, you will be glad you stayed at one of the world’s top highly rated vacation home.



Great Timeshare for Sale by Owner at The Manhattan Club

All year long, you’re working in an office, cramped to your desk. You live in a tranquil city where, like everyone else, your method of transportation is your car. Whenever you see movies of cities filled with busy life, you start dreaming of going someplace similar for just one week to get out of your rut. At the Manhattan Club in New York City, this dream can come true. By buying a timeshare for sale by owner, you can be an owner of a spectacular NYC suite at an affordable price to you. Just imagine yourself waking up in a grand suite with a lovely view of Manhattan. You would get to participate in the fast-paced life of New Yorkers by walking the infamous shopping blocks and enjoying the attractions. Here are more details about the Manhattan Club and all it has to offer:

Suites There are four different types of suites at the Manhattan Club, varying by size and design.

  • Executive Junior Suite: This suite has a classic design and offers a view of NYC streets and life. Within the suite, you’ll find a queen size bed and sleeper sofa, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a flat screen LCD television.
  • One Bedroom with Two-Bathroom Suite: This is the biggest type of suite at the Manhattan Club. It includes a fully-equipped kitchen and all the other features of the Executive Junior Suite. However, what makes this suite different is the private bedroom.
  • Metropolitan Suite: This suite is also very similar to the Executive Junior Suite. Though, it is only located on the second floor and has a contemporary style unlike the other suites.
  • City Lights Suite: This is perhaps the most luxurious suite at the Manhattan Club. Other than the fully-equipped kitchen, you’ll find a queen size bed and sleeper sofa, Bose sound systems, and what’s even greater, a TV in each bathroom.

Along with these features and so much more, each suite comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, which makes buying a timeshare for sale by owner at the Manhattan Club very tempting.

Amenities There are a few, simple amenities at the Manhattan Club, but they’ll certainly make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

  • Private Club Lounge: This lounge is open to all guests at the Manhattan Club and offers a complimentary breakfast each morning from 6:30 to 11:30. Additionally, during the evening, cocktails are served. So you can unwind with family and friends at the bar and enjoy a live sports game on the flat screen TV. Other than the complimentary breakfast, you’ll always have complimentary Wi-Fi at the Club Lounge.
  • Fitness Center: From free weights and yoga mats to top-of-the-line equipment, the fitness center has just about everything you might need to stay in shape and get active. Not to mention that it is open from 5 in the morning until 11 at night for your convenience.
  • Business Center: While there is complimentary Wi-Fi almost everywhere at the Manhattan Club, the Business Center remains great because it allows those without their computers to read their emails and do any work they need to do. At the same time, the Business Center lets guests print documents and send faxes.

new-york-cityNearby Attractions The biggest reason the Manhattan Club is marvelous is the fact that it is located near all the popular attractions in NYC. For instance, City Center and Carnegie Hall, two great performance stages, are right across the street from the Manhattan Club. Furthermore, for people who love to shop—and who goes to NYC without shopping at least once?—57th Street and Fifth Avenue, where you’ll find endless high-quality shops, are within one to two blocks from the Manhattan Club. Let’s not forget about Central Park (three blocks away) and Times Square (eight blocks away), where you’ll surely find yourself immersed in the fast city life.

Don’t sit around waiting for your dream of partaking in a fast-paced city life to come to you. Purchase a timeshare for sale by owner at the Manhattan Club, and you’ll have an elegantly furnished suite in NYC for one week every year.


Why Sell a Timeshare with Timeshare FSBO?

Are you tired of hiring and paying timeshare brokers to sell your timeshare without anything coming out of it? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to waste your time and money any more. With Timeshare For Sale By Owner (Timeshare FSBO), you can finally sell a timeshare on your own, keeping the final sale all for yourself. How does FSBO work? Let’s find out!

Register your timeshare NOW and get a free 30 day property posting.

Posting Your Timeshare on Timeshare FSBO Whether your timeshare is at a Hilton, Wyndham, Marriott, Disney, Ritz-Carlton, or any other resort, you can post it on the Timeshare FSBO site for potential buyers to look at. The posting has a minimal annual membership fee which you can pay through PayPal. Once you have registered, you can indicate the resort of your timeshare and write a description of your timeshare property. For example, do you own a one-bedroom suite, a two-bedroom suite, a spacious studio, or perhaps a timeshare lodge? Does your suite come with a fully equipped kitchen and a master bathroom with a whirlpool tub? All those details can be included to better help buyers make a decision. You can even comment on whether or not the property comes with a balcony or a patio or even a free wireless internet connection; after all, lots of people enjoy these extra features. The more details you include in the description, the more you help potential buyers learn about the timeshare (or timeshares) you are selling. So be sure to describe every detail you think is important. This makes it easier for you to sell a timeshare.

Additionally, you might want to include a bit of information about the resort itself. For example, if you’re selling a Disney timeshare in Orlando, Florida, you can talk about the amenities and features that particular resort has, such as how many indoor and outdoor pools there are, whether the resort has a spa, a children’s program, a daycare center, a movie night, and maybe even restaurants where you can dine with Disney characters. You can also mention if the resort has a championship golf or tennis and basketball courts. These are great details to include!

Including Photos Photos can be really helpful to buyers. People love seeing what they are going to buy before they decide on purchasing. It is the best way for them to get a good idea and make a smart, final decision. So, once you’ve posted your timeshare property at Timeshare FBSO, you have the option to include photos of your own unique suite, condo, studio, lodge, etc. This makes a big difference with buyers.

Making the Final Sale After you’ve posted your timeshare property and possibly included photos, all you have to do is sit back and wait for a buyer to click on your timeshare property and interact with you. From that point on, you (the seller) deal directly with the buyer. Timeshare FSBO does not interfere with the sale. This means that the final sale goes all to you. Timeshare FSBO does not earn any commissions on the sale the way a timeshare broker would. What you earn is all yours.

Timeshare FSBO is not a broker but a way for you to connect directly with the right buyers and sell a timeshare all while keeping the final profit.


Hyatt Pinon Pointe has Lovely Timeshare Resale Units

If you’re looking for a fantastic vacation, then there’s no better place to be at than Hyatt Pinon Pointe resort, a Hyatt residence club. Located right in Sedona, Arizona, this resort allows you not only to have a relaxing stay with wonderful amenities and accommodations, but it also puts you close to the one and only Grand Canyon National Park, which is the 15th oldest park in the United States. Have you ever wanted to go with your group of friends or family to the Grand Canyon? Take a trip to this beautiful place and take a breathtaking look at the geologic color and erosional forms of this stunning canyon. Best of all, Hyatt Pinon Pointe resort is about two hours away by car from the Grand Canyon, which puts you at the closest location to this park. It is said that Sedona is the best desert town to stay at while visiting the canyon. And right now, you can find timeshare resale properties being sold by owners at Hyatt Pinon Pointe. Check out what more you can expect out of a vacation home at this gorgeous resort!

Resort Features Sure, the breathtaking Grand Canyon is within reach of Hyatt Pinon Pointe resort. Still, there is so much more this resort has to offer! Here are some of the many accommodations:

  • 2 and 1 bedroom style condominium units
  • Comfortably appointed accommodations
  • Studios
  • Fully equipped kitchens, dining rooms, fireplaces
  • Shops at Pinon Pointe
  • Concierge service
  • Wildflower Bread Company
  • Starbucks Coffee
  • Cold Stone Creamery
  • Tennis court
  • Fitness center
  • Ping pong table
  • Pool table
  • Fire pit
  • Gas grills
  • Kids camp and recreational building
  • Horseback riding nearby, mountain biking, hot air ballooning
  • Golf
  • Four-wheel drive vehicle tours
  • Business center
  • Laundry facilities
  • Heated outdoor pool and a sundeck
  • Heated kiddie pool
  • 2 spa hot tubs
  • Steam rooms

Standard Amenities in All Units It also helps to know what you can get out of your vacation home (unit) at Hyatt Pinon Pointe resort. Thus, let’s sum up the facts. While staying at this resort, your unit will have full bath amenities. You will also find a coffeemaker, a microwave oven, an iron and an ironing board, a hairdryer, a TV, an AM/FM alarm clock, a voice mail, an individual climate control, ceiling fans, and electronic door locks. Not to mention that the unit comes with a private terrace and data port with complimentary high-speed Internet access.

grandcanyonLocal Attractions and Activities Other than the Grand Canyon, there are plenty of attractions and activities that you will find interesting and fun near Hyatt Pinon Pointe. Some of these attractions are:

  • Tlaquepaque-Shop, dine, gallery-hop and enjoy this unique re-creation of an 18th century Spanish Colonial village.
  • Chapel of the Holy Cross-Catholic chapel built directly into the side of one of Sedona’s famous red rock formations, creating an inspirational setting.
  • Red Rock Crossing-One of the most familiar scenic areas near Sedona, made famous in Western movies filmed at the site.
  • Oak Creek Canyon-Enjoy hiking, biking, rock-climbing, trout fishing, plus the scenic trails and natural waterslide of Slide Rock State Park.
  • Jerome-An enchanting old mining town and photographer’s paradise with an external appearance that hasn’t changed much in nearly 100 years.

What do you think of the amazing timeshare resale properties for sale by owners at Hyatt Pinon Pointe? This is a unique resort in a unique location that’ll make everyone happy.


Memorial Day Timeshares for Sale Around the Country

Memorial Day is in two weeks, and for many of us, this means that we’ll have Memorial Day weekend off to catch up on our favorite shows or even to go somewhere with the family. During that weekend, we are oftentimes not sure what activities we should be involved in. As a result, it is always good to remember what Memorial Day is really about and commemorate the men and women who’ve died in the military while protecting this country. Doing so well help us figure out ideal places to go to for Memorial Day weekend. Here, we’re listing the top family-friendly resorts that have fantastic Memorial Day activities and where you can find timeshares for sale:

Paradise Point, San Diego’s Island Resort:  This resort is located on a private island on Mission Bay, which is in Southern California. What makes Paradise Point a great Memorial Day weekend destination is its many activities that are suitable for both adults and kids. For instance, on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, children can enjoy poolside activities revolving around the special weekend. Some of these activities include face painting, arts and crafts, and many fun games by the pool.

Disney World Resorts:  Disney is well known for its many shows and rides. However, on Memorial Day weekend, Disney likes to center a lot of its shows around the holiday. Thus, a great way of surrounding yourself with Disney World’s attractions is to stay at one of the Disney World Resorts. They are close to the theme parks, and you get free transportation there, so it’s worth looking into their timeshares for sale. Plus, there are numerous of resorts you can choose from.

Lincoln MemorialWyndham Vacation Resorts at National Harbor in Maryland: This Wyndham resort, which is a few minutes away from Washington, D.C., is a great destination for Memorial Day weekend. Think about it. What can be better to do on this weekend than to go to D.C. and walk around the memorial parks, like the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean Veterans Memorial, and National WWII Memorial? You can also visit the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, as well as many renowned museums, such as the National Museum of Natural History. Plus, Wyndham’s National Harbor resort has indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a game room for kids; this means that your family will certainly not be bored while staying here. So check out the lovely timeshares for sale here.

Westgate River Ranch Resort and Rodeo in Lake Wales, FL: This resort is truly family-oriented. What’s more, on Memorial Day weekend, you and your kids can enjoy lots of family activities, such as egg-tosses, potato-sack races, and water-balloon fights. Kids can also play cowboy at the resort’s rodeo for kids. Additionally, there are a couple of real-life rodeo shows that include bull riding. You’ll also enjoy seeing various wildlife here, such as alligators (at a safe distance, of course). While you can choose to stay in a cabin or a lodge at this resort, you can also choose to go tent camping here, and the resort will provide you anything you may need, such as charcoal and firewood for making a campfire. All in all, the entire family will have fun and laugh its head off here all the while experiencing a new adventure.

There are plenty of family-oriented timeshares for sale for Memorial Day weekend around the country, you just have to know where to look. With the destinations mentioned above, you’ll be close to delightful attractions that are great both for you and your kids. Whether you choose to stay in a Disney World Resort or another more exotic place is up to you. We’re sure that no matter what you pick, you’ll be happy.



Wyndham Daytona Beach Timeshares for Sale by Owner

Daytona Beach is the world’s most famous beach, and whether you live elsewhere in Florida or completely outside of the state, this beach should definitely be on your list of places to visit. But what makes this beach so special? Well, for one, at this beach’s boardwalk, you’ll find amusement rides, such as a rollercoaster and a Ferris wheel. Not to mention that the world’s tallest lighthouse, the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum, is located here too. Thus, while you can enjoy the beach experience of swimming and then playing in the sand, you’ll also get to enjoy the historical aspect of Daytona Beach. Plus, because this location is such a well-known destination, you’ll find plenty of Daytona Beach timeshares, like the many in the magnificent Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort, some of which are for sale by owner.

Why Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort? If the name doesn’t make it obvious, Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort is right on the beach. This means that many of the suites have a beautiful view of the Atlantic Ocean. Just imagine waking up in the morning and witnessing the sun rise over the vast blue horizon right from your room’s balcony. You can even hop right on over to the shore and sit on the sand while the nature around you awakens. Plus, within the resort, you’ll find many exciting features and amenities that’ll make you glad you chose to stay in one of the best Daytona Beach timeshares.

Resort Suites Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort has a variety of suites and studios to choose from. For instance, you can have a simple, spacious studio, which comes with two double beds and a mini kitchen that includes appliances like a refrigerator and a microwave. You can also have an oceanfront suite, which comes with a full kitchen, a balcony, a washer and dryer for your everyday laundry, and a sleeper sofa in the living room. On the other hand, you can choose a deluxe suite, which comes with a private bedroom (or a guest bedroom and a master bedroom if you choose to have the deluxe two or three-bedroom suite), a full kitchen, a whirlpool tub, a balcony just like in the oceanfront suites, a sleeper sofa, and a washer and dryer. As you can see, in almost all the studios and suites, you’ll find most of your needs met all the while you have a comfortable stay. Additionally, it really helps that each studio and suite is roomy so that you’re never feeling crowded.

Resort Amenities Although the Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort is right on the beach, they still have plenty of amenities and activities within the resort. These are some of those features:

  • 3 Swimming Pools: There is an outdoor swimming pool which splits into three pools. The first pool is called the “baby pool,” which is a swimming area for those who simply want to delight in a little dip. The second pool, which is the main pool, is designed particularly for its water slide and splash zone. The last pool is a lazy river where you can let the water gently take you where it may while you unwind.
  • Volleyball Court.
  • Arcade/Game Room.
  • Billiards Pool Table.
  • Fitness Center with an aerobics class.

Nearby Attractions Other than the Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse and Museum and the boardwalk amusement rides, like the go-karts, you can check out the Ocean Walk shops and the Daytona International Speedway, which is great for NASCAR fans. You can also take your kids to Daytona Lagoon, a water park with thrilling water rides as well as dry entertainment. Furthermore, there are several museums great for family outings, like the Marine Science Center and the Museum of Arts and Sciences. All of these wonderful attractions are in close proximity to this Wyndham resort, making the location really suitable if you’re looking for the perfect Daytona Beach timeshares for sale by owner.

At the Wyndham Ocean Walk Resort, you’ll find many great Daytona Beach timeshares for sale by owner that are right along the beach and near all the popular attractions. So why not stay at this lovely resort and let yourself and your family be pampered a little?