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Why Buy a Timeshare at the Welk Resort in San Diego

California is a very popular and populated state in the West Coast of America. In fact, it is the most populated state in the U.S. With its lovely weather—never too cold or too hot—California is a desired vacation destination for many. One of its major cities is San Diego, where you’ll find the Torrey Pines Natural Reserve, Mount Soledad, the famous San Diego Zoo, and many museums. This makes San Diego an ideal location in California to stay at. Yet, in order to increase the fun and make the stay all the more convenient, it is a good idea to choose the perfect resort that’s suitable for your needs and activities. Which is why, if you buy a timeshare at the Welk Resort in San Diego, you’ll have everything within your reach all the while having a great, restful timeshare property. Here’s all you need to know about this resort:

Villas and Accommodations At the Welk Resort in San Diego, there are two types of villas to choose from: Villas on the Greens and Mountain Villas. The former villas are basically vacation homes with a garden view, while the latter villas are vacation homes with a mountain view. Both are lovely and come with different accommodations.

  • Villas on the Greens
  • Two Bedroom Lock-Off: Each villa has a two-bedroom lock-off, which means that you get two vacation homes in one, so you can use both sides or lock one of them up. You’ll also have two master bedrooms with a king size bed and a wall-mounted TV.
  • Queen Sleeper Sofa: This is great if you’re vacationing with a big family. You can open up the queen sleeper sofas and add two extra beds to your villa.
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen: This is the definition of home away from home. Having a fully-equipped kitchen means that you can store food in the refrigerator, cook on the stone or in the oven or microwave, and then clean all the available kitchen dishes, cookware, and utensils in the dishwasher.
  • Dining Area: These villas do indeed have their own dining area.
  • Washer and Dryer: Why return home with dirty laundry when you can get everything washed right in your vacation home?
  • Private Balcony/Patio: The private balcony or patio that come with each of these villas let you truly enjoy the garden view.
  • Mountain Villas
  • One, Two, or Three Bedrooms: The Mountain Villas at the Welk Resort in San Diego are just as spacious, if not more, than the Villas on the Greens. For instance, the one bedroom villas are as equipped as the two or three bedroom villas. Though, what makes the one bedroom villas special is that they are simply part of a two-bedroom lock-off. This means that you can buy or rent timeshare with only one bedroom at the Welk Resort or add another villa and have twice the space. On the other hand, the two bedroom villas have a king size bed in both the master bedroom and the guest bedroom. As for the three bedroom villas, there’s a double French door entry to the master bedroom. Plus, the first guest bedroom comes with a king size bed, and the second guest bedroom comes with two queen size beds.
  • Window Seat: Some of the Mountain Villas have a window seat, allowing you to enjoy a great view all the while relaxing, reading, or doing whatever it is you like to do in your spare time.
  • Fireplace: Mountain Villas at the Welk Resort come with a fireplace in the living room and/or the master bedroom.
  • Queen Sleeper Sofa: Just as with the Villas on the Green, the queen sleeper sofa in the Mountain Villas add more beds to your vacation home.
  • Fully-Equipped Kitchen: All of these villas have fully-equipped kitchens as well as a washer and dryer for your laundry.
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi: The Mountain Villas offer this wonderful feature, so that you can upload your vacation photos online, chat with friends, or even check up on work.

Activities When you buy a timeshare at the Welk Resort in San Diego, you get many activities to choose from, such as golf, tennis, family movie night, and a live show at the Welk Theatre. There are also eight swimming pools with waterslides, with one of the pools being strictly an adults-only pool.

Nearby Attractions There are tons of attractions near the resort. For instance, San Diego Zoo Safari Park, LEGOLAND, and Carlsbad Beach are within 35 minutes driving distance. SeaWorld, the San Diego Zoo, and Del Mar Fairgrounds and Racetrack are within 45 minutes driving distance. Plus, you can reach Disneyland, Palm Springs, Hollywood, and even Mexico within an hour and a half to two hours by car. Though these latter excursions are a bit far, they are worth visiting when you are in San Diego.

It’s a wise idea to buy a timeshare at the Welk Resort in San Diego, since everything you may need or want is at your fingertips. Furthermore, with the nice weather all year long, you can be sure that you’ll have a fun vacation indoors and outdoors.



Why It’s Best for You to Sell a Timeshare with FSBO

Are you looking for the best way to sell your timeshare? Well here it is! With For Sale By Owner (FSBO), you can sell your own timeshare without hiring a broker and paying him or her any fees and percentage for the sale. In fact, with FSBO, you can sell a timeshare with ease. For a small fee, you’ll have a whole year’s membership, which allows you to put up your timeshare property for sale and advertise it to buyers. Here’s more on how FSBO works:

Posting Your Timeshare Listing to FSBO Whether your timeshare is at a Disney, Wyndham, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, or any other resort, you can post it on the FSBO site for potential buyers to look at. The posting has a minimal fee which you can pay through PayPal. Once you have registered, you can indicate which resort your timeshare is at. Then, you can add a description of your timeshare property. For example, do you own a one-bedroom suite, a two-bedroom suite, a spacious studio, or perhaps a timeshare lodge? Is there a fully-equipped kitchen with a big fridge, an oven, and a microwave? You can even comment on whether or not the property comes with a balcony or a patio or even a free wireless internet connection; after all, lots of people enjoy these extra features. The more details you include in the description, the more you help potential buyers learn about the timeshare you are selling. So be sure to describe the bathrooms, the living room, and any other important information. This makes it easier for you to sell a timeshare.

Additionally, you might want to include a bit of information about the resort itself. For example, if you’re selling a Disney timeshare in Orlando, Florida, you can talk about the amenities and features that particular resort has, such as how many indoor and outdoor pools there are, whether the resort has a spa, a children’s program, a daycare center, a movie night, and maybe even restaurants where you can dine with Disney characters. You can also mention if the resort has a championship golf or tennis and basketball courts. These are great details to include!

Including Photos Photos can be really helpful to buyers. People love seeing what they are going to buy before they purchase it. It is the best way for them to get a good idea and make a smart, final decision on the purchase. So, once you’ve posted your timeshare property at FBSO, you have the option to include photos of your own unique suite, condo, studio, lodge, etc.… This makes a big difference with buyers.

Making the Final Sale After you’ve posted your timeshare property and possibly included photos, all you have to do is sit back and wait for a buyer to click on your timeshare property and interact with you. From that point on, you (the seller) deal directly with the buyer. FSBO does not interfere with the sale. This means that the final sale goes all to you. FSBO does not earn any commissions on the sale the way a timeshare broker would. What you earn is all yours.

As you can see, FSBO connects you, the seller, to your potential buyer, and this is an easy way for you to sell a timeshare without paying a broker any commissions.


Timeshares for Sale in the Las Vegas Strip

trumpLooking to buy a timeshare in the Las Vegas Strip? There are many timeshares for sale that are ideal for your needs. Below are a couple of the numerous timeshare resorts in the Las Vegas Strip that might be the perfect fit for you:

Hilton Grand Vacations Club on the Boulevard The Boulevard Resort is located 3.6 miles north of the Las Vegas Stip. With many of the suites having a direct view of the city, you can find yourself admiring the night life right from your room. Here’s what you’ll find at this resort:

  • Studios: You can choose from studios with one, two, or three bedroom suites. The suites come with a fully-equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer, and complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Swimming pools: The Boulevard has two heated swimming pools and three whirlpool spas. So even though the suites don’t come with a master bathroom and a whirlpool jet tub, you can still have a place to unwind.
  • Fitness center: They really, really love their fitness centers, and we’re not complaining!
  • Spa: After a long day out in the city, you can always return to the Boulevard for a nice time at the spa.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club at Trump International Hotel Trump International Hotel is just as striking as Elara. It is located next to the Fashion Show Mall and approximately 1.7 miles from the Las Vegas Strip by car. Here are some of the resort’s features:

  • Studios: Trump International Hotel has studios with one or two bedroom suites. The studios come with fully-equipped kitchens.
  • Swimming pools/hot tubs: This resort has an outdoor swimming pool and hot tub as well as a heated pool on the sixth floor deck. So you could unwind while you admire the Las Vegas scenery.
  • Fitness center: You can kick start your day by being active at this resort’s fitness center.
  • Spa and salon: At the Trump International Hotel, you can go all out by getting a nice massage and perhaps even getting your hair styled and your nails manicured.
  • Private Chef: If you want to pamper yourself and your significant other, you can request a private chef. He/she will cook for you during your vacation and even bring food directly to your room.

Hilton Grand Vacations on Paradise The Paradise Resort is just as breathtaking as the other resorts listed here. In fact, it has many unique features. It is located near the Las Vegas Convention Center and 4 miles from the Las Vegas Strip. Within the timeshares for sale at the Paradise, you’ll find:

  • Studios: Although you can only choose from one or two bedroom suites, the studios are expansive. Unlike the other resorts mentioned here, all suites at the Paradise come with a fully-equipped kitchen. Additionally, all suites come with a master bathroom with a whirlpool jet tub, a washer and dryer, and complimentary Wi-Fi.
  • Swimming pool: The Paradise has a heated swimming pool that comes with a whirlpool spa, so you can have a relaxing time whether you’re in your room or at the pool.
  • Fitness center: As always, Hilton Grand Vacations Club Resorts just love their fitness centers.

Elara, a Hilton Grand Vacations Club The Elara Resort is approximately 1.2 miles from the Las Vegas Strip by car. It is also right next to Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Many of Elara’s suites have stunning views of Las Vegas. Here’s what you’ll find in this resort:

  • Studios: You can find timeshares for sale here with spacious studios that come with one, two, three, or four bedroom suites. Additionally, there’s a kitchenette in the studios with the one bedroom suites and a fully-equipped kitchen in the studios with the two, three, and four bedroom suites.
  • Pool/spa tub: The Elara Resort has many relaxing features, such as the outdoor swimming pool and the many hot tubs.
  • Fitness center: Just like the many Hilton Grand Vacations Club Resorts, this one has a fitness center. So even if you’re away from your home gym, you can get active whenever you want.
  • Bar and lounge: Want a drink but not yet ready to go out? You can go to Elara’s bar and lounge.
  • Starbucks: This is great for coffee lovers. Yes, this resort has Starbucks right in its lobby, and it is open 24/7 too!

Hilton Grand Vacations Club has the best timeshares for sale in the Las Vegas Strip, and now, you can buy a timeshare directly from an owner.


Why Timeshare Resale is Better Than Regular Timeshare

hawaiiTimeshares can be costly, but they don’t always have to be. In this blog, we are going to make a distinction between regular, pricy timeshares and timeshare resale, which is affordable and more worthwhile. Plus, resale timeshares beat hotel vacations.

How timeshare works Let’s start out by describing what timeshares really are. Unlike regular vacations where you have to constantly plan your stay, timeshare allows you to always have a vacation destination to go to. You make a one-time purchase of the vacation resort of your choice, and you would basically have a home away from home for approximately one week each year. You would still have to pay an annual fee, but it is affordable, and it’ll go toward maintaining the resort of your timeshare. In other words, you’d be paying to keep your timeshare property and resort clean and running. Nevertheless, having a timeshare in a certain vacation resort and destination doesn’t mean that you’ll have to go to this exact place year after year for the same week. Timeshare is very flexible; you can always exchange your timeshare with another and travel to destinations you have yet to see. Additionally, you can change the time of your vacation. This allows you to move your vacation from, say, the first week of July to the last week of the year. You can vacation in Honolulu where you have a timeshare or go to a different resort in Italy, France, Greece, Thailand, and so much more. With thousands of resorts to choose from both in the U.S. and worldwide, you’ll always have a vacation and never be struck with boredom. Though, you can have all this with resale timeshare, which is cheaper still.

What is resale timeshare? Now that the concept of timeshare is clear, let’s discuss resale timeshare. Timeshare resale is the sale of a timeshare which used to be owned. How it works is that a previous timeshare owner decides he wants to sell his timeshare, and so it becomes listed for sale again. This is where you probably start wondering why anyone would purchase a previously owned timeshare. Well, when you buy resale timeshare, you’re not buying an old, rundown property. Instead, you are buying a nicely furnished, well-maintained resort property. Not only that, but you’d be buying it at a discounted price, since resale timeshare is always cheaper than regular timeshare.

Hold up! Why should I buy a timeshare an owner no longer wants? You have to remember that those selling their timeshares are people who purchased the vacation home at full price, and when you purchase a timeshare straight from the developer, 50% of what you pay goes to the developer’s marketing costs. Think about that for a moment. This means that vacation homes sold at “full” price aren’t even worth 50% of what buyers are paying for them. Now, think about those owners who are selling their timeshares. They had to pay the full price the developers claimed the vacation home was worth. Then, once the timeshare was theirs, they had to pay annual maintenance fees. This is why they are not happy with their timeshares and no longer want them. They’ve spent a lot of money, enough to probably put them in debt, and they still pay. Thus, they find themselves with no other choice than to sell the vacation home in order to earn back a small portion of what they paid. Of course, this isn’t always the case, but it often is. Sometimes, timeshare owners want to sell their property simply to purchase one in a different destination.

How to buy resale timeshare If you want to buy timeshare resale, you can connect directly with an owner here on Timeshare FSBO. You don’t have to pay any fees, which means that you can browse through the list of resorts and timeshare properties and email owners. You don’t pay FSBO anything, not even for the final purchase.

Timeshare resale is the smartest way to purchase a timeshare without throwing all your money away, and with FSBO, you can connect directly with timeshare owners.