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Our Top 5 Blogs on Selling Timeshares FSBO

If you’ve been trying to sell your timeshare, then these 5 blogs on selling timeshares FSBO might help you out. Not only do they explain how selling timeshares FSBO work, but they also explain why lots of buyers prefer buying directly from owner, especially when the timeshare is at a resale price. So if you want to give your timeshare away to a deserving buyer, selling timeshares FSBO might be the best way to do so.

Sell a Timeshare with For Sale By Owner-FSBO (

Do you currently own a timeshare and feel tied down to it? Perhaps you just want to buy a new timeshare elsewhere and enjoy a different scenery. Or perhaps you would like to save some money. No matter the case, you don’t have to keep the timeshare and continue spending money on maintenance fees. In fact, you can sell a timeshare here at For Sale by Owner (FSBO) without paying any broker or realtor fees. To learn more about how FSBO works, continue reading!

Why It’s Best for You to Sell a Timeshare with FSBO (

Are you looking for the best way to sell your timeshare? Well here it is! With For Sale By Owner (FSBO), you can sell your own timeshare without hiring a broker and paying him or her any fees and percentage for the sale. In fact, with FSBO, you can sell a timeshare with ease. For a small fee, you’ll have a whole year’s membership, which allows you to put up your timeshare property for sale and advertise it to buyers. Here’s more on how FSBO works.

Why Timeshare Resale is Better than Regular Timeshare (

Timeshares can be costly, but they don’t always have to be. In this blog, we are going to make a distinction between regular, pricy timeshares and timeshare resale, which is affordable and more worthwhile. Plus, resale timeshares beat hotel vacations.

Why FSBO is Perfect for Timeshare Resales Owners (

If you have a timeshare that you are trying to sell, then you might want to read this blog. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) might just be the best thing for you. Rather than paying a broker to sell your timeshare resales properties, FSBO lets you interact directly with buyers without paying any commission for the final sale. Yes, you read that correctly. The amount you make selling your property is the amount you get to keep.

Why Sell a Timeshare with Timeshare FSBO? (

Are you tired of hiring and paying timeshare brokers to sell your timeshare without anything coming out of it? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to waste your time and money any more. With Timeshare For Sale By Owner (Timeshare FSBO), you can finally sell a timeshare on your own, keeping the final sale all for yourself. How does FSBO work? Let’s find out!


What better way to profit from your for sale timeshare than by selling timeshares FSBO? Hopefully the above blogs will help you sell your timeshare.


Great Timeshare for Sale by Owner at The Manhattan Club

All year long, you’re working in an office, cramped to your desk. You live in a tranquil city where, like everyone else, your method of transportation is your car. Whenever you see movies of cities filled with busy life, you start dreaming of going someplace similar for just one week to get out of your rut. At the Manhattan Club in New York City, this dream can come true. By buying a timeshare for sale by owner, you can be an owner of a spectacular NYC suite at an affordable price to you. Just imagine yourself waking up in a grand suite with a lovely view of Manhattan. You would get to participate in the fast-paced life of New Yorkers by walking the infamous shopping blocks and enjoying the attractions. Here are more details about the Manhattan Club and all it has to offer:

Suites There are four different types of suites at the Manhattan Club, varying by size and design.

  • Executive Junior Suite: This suite has a classic design and offers a view of NYC streets and life. Within the suite, you’ll find a queen size bed and sleeper sofa, a fully-equipped kitchen, and a flat screen LCD television.
  • One Bedroom with Two-Bathroom Suite: This is the biggest type of suite at the Manhattan Club. It includes a fully-equipped kitchen and all the other features of the Executive Junior Suite. However, what makes this suite different is the private bedroom.
  • Metropolitan Suite: This suite is also very similar to the Executive Junior Suite. Though, it is only located on the second floor and has a contemporary style unlike the other suites.
  • City Lights Suite: This is perhaps the most luxurious suite at the Manhattan Club. Other than the fully-equipped kitchen, you’ll find a queen size bed and sleeper sofa, Bose sound systems, and what’s even greater, a TV in each bathroom.

Along with these features and so much more, each suite comes with complimentary Wi-Fi, which makes buying a timeshare for sale by owner at the Manhattan Club very tempting.

Amenities There are a few, simple amenities at the Manhattan Club, but they’ll certainly make you feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

  • Private Club Lounge: This lounge is open to all guests at the Manhattan Club and offers a complimentary breakfast each morning from 6:30 to 11:30. Additionally, during the evening, cocktails are served. So you can unwind with family and friends at the bar and enjoy a live sports game on the flat screen TV. Other than the complimentary breakfast, you’ll always have complimentary Wi-Fi at the Club Lounge.
  • Fitness Center: From free weights and yoga mats to top-of-the-line equipment, the fitness center has just about everything you might need to stay in shape and get active. Not to mention that it is open from 5 in the morning until 11 at night for your convenience.
  • Business Center: While there is complimentary Wi-Fi almost everywhere at the Manhattan Club, the Business Center remains great because it allows those without their computers to read their emails and do any work they need to do. At the same time, the Business Center lets guests print documents and send faxes.

new-york-cityNearby Attractions The biggest reason the Manhattan Club is marvelous is the fact that it is located near all the popular attractions in NYC. For instance, City Center and Carnegie Hall, two great performance stages, are right across the street from the Manhattan Club. Furthermore, for people who love to shop—and who goes to NYC without shopping at least once?—57th Street and Fifth Avenue, where you’ll find endless high-quality shops, are within one to two blocks from the Manhattan Club. Let’s not forget about Central Park (three blocks away) and Times Square (eight blocks away), where you’ll surely find yourself immersed in the fast city life.

Don’t sit around waiting for your dream of partaking in a fast-paced city life to come to you. Purchase a timeshare for sale by owner at the Manhattan Club, and you’ll have an elegantly furnished suite in NYC for one week every year.