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Top Florida Beaches Where You Can Buy a Timeshare

There are plenty of vacation destinations you can buy a timeshare at. Though, the best destinations are always those that are right on the beach, or at least in close proximity to a beach. That’s why, this summer, rather than staying at home and only going out to local places, you should have a lovely beach vacation in Florida. As you already know, the sunshine state has a never endless number of beaches, and each one is more beautiful than the other. If you love relaxing under the sun with the sand in between your toes, then take a look at these amazing, most popular beaches in Florida:

Daytona Beach

This lovely beach is a family-friendly place to be. You can park your car in the designated areas on the shore and then enjoy the rest of the day building sandcastles. Although, Daytona Beach is the world’s most famous beach, it isn’t too crowded. In fact, it is nowhere near the amount of people that Miami’s South Beach usually has. This makes it a perfect place for a serene beach outing. Plus, there are many resorts where you can buy a timeshare, such as Hyatt Place at Daytona Beach and Wyndham Ocean Walk.

Ormond Beach

Just fifteen minutes driving distance from Daytona Beach is Ormond Beach. This beach has the perfect family atmosphere, and this is probably owed to the kids’ water fountain in the designated barbeque area of the beach’s Andy Romano Beachfront Park. So bring some hotdogs, chicken legs, and corn on the cob and enjoy a wonderful day on the beach while your kids play.

Fort Lauderdale Beach

Miami beaches can be too busy for a fun beach day. However, Fort Lauderdale beach is not. The city of Fort Lauderdale is just 20 minutes away from Miami, but the short distance makes a big difference. The beach atmosphere is very much peaceful. You will even find turtle nests throughout various seasons of the year. And where there are turtle nests, there is comfort. Near this beach is Las Olas Boulevard, where you can take a stroll by the many shops and restaurants. Here, you can buy a timeshare at Harbor Beach Marriott, Wyndham Santa Barbara, and Marriott’s BeachPlace Towers.

Hollywood Beach

Similar to Fort Lauderdale Beach, Hollywood Beach is just as calm. In fact, it is also close by to Fort Lauderdale. Right along the beach are small cafes and restaurants that serve a number of different cuisines, like Mediterranean, seafood, Thai, Italian, American, Caribbean, and seafood cuisines. Additionally, there is a gorgeous boardwalk where you can ride your bike. Kids can also play in the park and the interactive water fountain. There is even an outdoors Hollywood Beach Theatre where many live shows and concerts take place free for the public. Here you can find a timeshare for sale at Hollywood Beach Marriott and Hollywood Beach Tower.

Clearwater Beach

This place is exactly like its name. The sand is practically sugar-white, and the water is crystal clear. Best of all, it is sunny almost all year long, with maybe four days of rain during the year. There are always full-time life guard around making sure everyone doesn’t swim too far or has trouble swimming.

Cocoa Beach

This beach is certainly not the last good beach in Florida, but if we had to count them all, we would never stop. Cocoa beach is ideal because it’s close to Orlando. Just an hour of driving and you’d make it near Disney World. This beach is Florida’s top surf spot, making it perfect for teens, surf-enthusiasts, and the young at heart. Here, you can buy a timeshare at Four Points by Sheraton, Hilton Cocoa Beach Oceanfront, and La Quinta Inn & Suites Cocoa Beach Oceanfront.


Florida is bursting with many amazing beaches, most of which are near great resorts where you can buy a timeshare. This calls for the best summer vacation, whether you’re with kids, friends, or just your partner.