Why FSBO is Perfect for Timeshare Resales Owners

If you have a timeshare that you are trying to sell, then you might want to read this blog. For Sale by Owner (FSBO) might just be the best thing for you. Rather than paying a broker to sell your timeshare resales properties, FSBO lets you interact directly with buyers without paying any commission for the final sale. Yes, you read that correctly. The amount you make selling your property is the amount you get to keep. Here’s how FSBO works:

Posting Your Timeshare Listing to FSBO No matter where your resort your timeshare is, you can list it on our site. The posting has a minimal fee that gives you a membership with FSBO for an entire year plus an additional month just because you signed up. In other words, FSBO gives you 13 months with plenty of opportunity to show off your timeshare resales properties. Membership/fee payments are done through PayPal for your online protection. Once you have registered, you can indicate which resort your timeshare is at. Then, you can add a description of your timeshare property. The more details you include in the description, the more you help potential buyers learn about the timeshare you are selling. This makes it easy for buyers to browse through our listings and learn more about your timeshare properties.

Including Photos Photos can be really important to buyers because they give them an idea about the property they are considering. Therefore, when you post your timeshare property to FBSO, you have the option to include photos of your own unique suite, condo, studio, lodge, etc. . . . This allows buyers to make that final decision and figure out if your property is worth the investment and the money they are going to spent.

Making the Final Sale Once you have listed your timeshare resales properties and possibly included photos, all you have to do is sit back and wait for a buyer to click on your timeshare and interact with you directly. From that point on, you (the seller) deal one on one with the buyer, negotiating at your own terms. FSBO does not interfere with the sale. This means that the final sale goes all to you. FSBO does not earn any commissions on the sale the way a timeshare broker would. What you earn is all yours. FSBO merely connects the buyer and seller together.

FSBO is a wonderful way for timeshare resales owners to sell their property on their own terms and take the final sale home without paying a timeshare broker.

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